Ramadaniyat 25: The Satiated Forget the Needy – Easy and Light Chicken Recipe

Joseph (PBUH) was told: “You shall not hunger while in your hands are the treasures of the earth,” to which he replied: “I fear in being filled that I would forget the hungry. One of the benefits of hunger is to remind us of the hungry and the needy.

The scholars have mentioned many benefits of moderation in food and not being wasteful. They said: Do not forget the affliction and suffering from Allah, and do not forget the people of affliction, the satiated forget the hungry and forgets hunger, and the wise person sees the scourge of others he remember the scourge of the Hereafter.

Allah has commanded the Apostles not to eat anything but good or from what they earn, and He linked food to good deeds. [ Allah Almighty said], “O messengers, eat from the good foods and work righteousness. Indeed, I, of what you do, am Knowing. ” (The Believers: 51)

Feeding the needy is the best and most honorable deeds, and it is one of the attributes of the righteous. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to the people. The most beloved deed to Allah is to make a believer happy, or to remove one of his troubles, or to forgive his debt, or to feed his hunger.”

It is difficult for the believer to pass on by a hungry person who does not have a bite to eat, especially during the month of Ramadan after fasting the whole day. So remind yourself of the importance of feeding and helping the needy at all times, especially during this holy month.



A Simple and Light Chicken Recipe with Garlic



  • 2 pound cut up chicken

  • 5 garlic cloves cut into small slices

  • 1/2 a cup of fresh parsley, chopped finely

  • Salt, black pepper, dried thyme (to taste)

  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

  • Butter (as needed)

  • Juice of one lemon



Preheat the oven to 450 ° F or (225 ° C). Place the chicken pieces in a butter-topped baking pan. Add salt, pepper, and thyme to taste. Sprinkle garlic and parsley on chicken pieces, then add lemon juice and olive oil.

Place the baking pan in the oven until the chicken becomes golden and the garlic slices are brown and toasted, about 35-45 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces. Reduce the temperature slightly at the end. Enjoy it with your family!

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