Why Drinking Water Is Important To Our Body?

And made from water every living thing? [Surah Al Anbiya, Ayat: 30]

It is important to drink sufficient amount water, especially in winter, because most times we do not feel thirsty. The solution by drinking a sip of water may seem unreasonable, but it can help you avoid many diseases and health problems. Water is a supreme cleanser and is needed to wash toxins from the cells and bodies.

Everything in the Body Occurs in a Saltwater Environment

Water is vital for life and essential for survival. The body contains 60-70 percent water. Everything in the body occurs in a saltwater environment. Without enough good and clean water, we cannot thrive.

Drinking a Sufficient Amount Water is a Basic Need of the Body

One of the basic needs of the body is to drink a sufficient amount of clean water.  It is essential to drink pure water. It is recommended to drink around eight glasses of water a day, but that depends on every person and his/her need for water based on their body and activities.

Provides an Optimal Functioning of the Cells, Tissues, and Organs

A person needs the right amount of fluid in his/her body for the optimal functioning of the cells, tissues, and organs. Without enough good and clean water, we cannot thrive.

Water is a Great Cleanser

Water is a great cleanser and it is used as a healing agent for many problems because a lack of water in our bodies can lead to many signs and symptoms of illness. For example, blood pressure is affected by the amount of water and salts in the body.

The Body Needs the Right Balance of Water and Electrolytes

For ideal health, the body needs the right balance of water and electrolytes.

Everything in the Body Moves Along with Water

Everything in the body moves along with water. This includes the absorption of nutrients in the gut, enzymes, hormones, waste products, and any products of cellular metabolism.

The Kidneys Regulate the Amount of Water in the Body

The kidneys produce urine and regulate the amount of water in the body. Urine is generally around 95 percent water. The kidneys produce urine from excess water in the bloodstream. The urinary system cleans and filters the blood and helps monitor the amount of water and salt in the body. It cleans the blood of toxins and waste, and maintain the right balance of water and salts in the body.

A Person Loses Around Two Liters of Water Daily

When the intake of water is increased, the more the urine will be diluted and copious our urine. A person normally loses around two liters of water from the body every day. The water we drink must come out, and the water that comes out must be replaced.

Water Is Used Up in Many Chemical Reactions

Water is used up in the body in many chemical reactions. Drinking sufficient amount of water minimizes kidney-damaging. Therefore, we need to keep our body hydrated all the time. When a person drinks enough, the color of the urine will be very light.

Drinking Too Much Water is Dangerous

But drinking too much water is dangerous and even can be fatal. It can imbalance electrolytes in the body. Also, it can very quickly cause water intoxication and brain swelling in a short time. The color of the urine will be very clear if a person drinks too much water.

Not Drinking Enough Water Damages the Kidneys and Bladder

On the other hand, not drinking enough water damages the kidneys and bladder. If a person does not drink enough water, the urine becomes more concentrated and irritates the bladder, which causes a more frequent urge to urinate.  

Long-term Dehydration Causes Many Medical Problems

If the color of the urine is dark, it means the person has dehydration and needs to drink more water. Dark urine is a sign of acute dehydration. If the dehydration becomes severe; it might be life-threatening. Therefore, long-term dehydration can cause many medical problems.

So make sure you drink sufficient amount of clean water daily because it is one of the basic needs of the body to avoid many diseases and health problems.